Blame Blake

An imaginatively created day inspired by the work of William Blake.

The central focus of the day is the actual in person launch of John Higgs' new book William Blake vs The World. A variety of artists locally and countrywide were asked to submit proposals of Blake inspired performances to Illuminate the audience and take them on a journey, to imbue them with Blake. Poets, performers, playwrites, singers, music makers, mages and painters.

There will be a bar and bbq available on the day. Indoor and out door spaces with plenty of covering in the event the weather turns all to British on us!
Additional ticket for BBQ available for purchase, you can eat at 5pm, 5:45pm or 7pm.
BBQ ticket does not include entry, you must have a valid Half or Full day ticket to be able to purchase. Please add the event ticket into the basket either at the same time as the BBQ ticket or before.

 In addition, funding pending there are poetry workshops to take part in on the day. Local children and countrywide adults will also be sending in their Blake inspired poetry, a collage and competition. What's more a film will be made of the whole day, edited and released on our You Tube channel so anyone from around the country can fill their boots with Blake, just like we will.